Making the right choices. SoSensible!

Life today is challenging. We work harder and for more hours, play hard, and have more food options than any generation before us. Finding the right balance is just a matter of making choices that lead to a better lifestyle.

Our SoSensible products are all about helping you make the right choices and reach your goal for a well balanced life.

We offer a Better For You tortilla under the SoSensible brand which delivers a superb nutritional content maintaining the quality and authentic flavour of our MexiCasa tortillas. SoSensible contains a lower sodium level and higher fibre in a variety of exciting flavours.

SoSensible Product List

  • 10107 – SoSensible Whole Wheat Tortilla 6″
  • 10111 – SoSensible Whole Wheat Tortilla 8″
  • 03107 – SoSensible Whole Wheat Tortilla 9″
  • 03101 – SoSensible Whole Wheat Tortilla 10″
  • 03103 – SoSensible Whole Wheat Tortilla 12″
  • 03100 – SoSensible Flour Tortilla 10″
  • 03102 – SoSensible Flour Tortilla 12″
  • 03117 – SoSensible Tomato Basil 10″
  • 03116 – SoSensible Jalapeno Cheddar 10″
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