A Day at Onondaga Farm.

A few lucky Solis Foods employees got the opportunity to attend Onondaga Farms as part of the Business Appreciation Day for Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation.

It was both a fun filled and moving day. We experienced a day in the life of a camper with activities and then a delicious lunch in the dining hall. We also listened to a moving presentation and got a real appreciation for all the hard work and support that goes into making the camps as special as they are. We were all moved to hear about the positive impact it has on the lives of thousands of children who have attended the Tim Hortons camps. The day ended with a tour of the beautiful facilities. It was a great day. Thank you Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation!

The Vegan trend has more than doubled in the past 3 years!

Our formulations do not include eggs, dairy or animal sourced ingredients.

It would seem that veganism is entering the Mainstream! The interest in vegan diets is on the rise. There is an increase in people searching for vegan products and that the new wave of veganism is more about health than animal welfare. Solis Foods is also joining this trend and we can now proudly claim that all of our flour tortillas are Vegan!! Our formulations do not include eggs, dairy or animal sourced ingredients. Going forward, we will be creating a vegan health icon which will be added onto all of our sales material. This exciting news is again putting Solis Foods at the forefront of the marketplace.

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